Con Ed incentive program for oil to gas conversions

Con Ed is beginning another incentive program for oil to gas conversions on March 1. It will operate on a first-come, first-served basis and is available to residential and commercial buildings. This program is separate from the Area Growth Zone program and is expected to enable participants to begin gas heating service by Fall 2018. See further details below.

Eligibility and Incentives

  • Residential buildings 5-100 units (up to $75,000 in incentives) currently burning oil
  • Commercial buildings and buildings with 101+ units (up to $35,000 in incentives) currently burning oil
  • A new high efficiency boiler must be installed as part of the conversion (new burners alone do not count)
  • The new service must be firm gas service, not interruptible
  • #4 oil buildings are eligible for new service lines installed in the street by Con Ed at no cost; #2 oil buildings must have adequate capacity available in the existing gas service lines

Other requirements, such as installation deadlines, apply. Interested owners should review the program application for additional details.  Owners (Cooperatives and Condominiums) interested in participating should take steps now to assess the project’s costs and ensure the building is eligible, if they have not already done so.  FREE ESTIMATES are available for any building interested in assessing its internal conversion costs.

More Information

  • Owners with questions about the program or who would like a free estimate of conversion costs should contact Jamie Kusky ( or Armando Tejeda (

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